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Drystone Wall Completed

On Saturday April 14th the final length of the wall was completed. Villagers celebrated with a barbecue and a pint at the Red Lion. Many thanks to Ken for his hospitailty and support. We wish him well with the pub in the future. Thanks to Sarah for the pictures


October 16th 2011

The Great Wall of Blacksnape making  progress.

A great  turnout from the village saw another 4 or 5 metres added to the drystone wall near the Red Lion. With another small effort it  will  soon be done.

See Calendar Page for latest events


July 2010. The first Scarecrow Festival was a great success, marred only a little by some thoughtless vandalism perpetrated  all over the East Rural area. The Blacksnape Residents' Group won second  prize overall in our category, and Martyn's karate man earned a "Highly Commended"  rosette from the judges. Our certificate and rosette are on display in the Red Lion. See  our entries here.


Clean Up day Many thanks and congratulations to the residents who turned out on June 6th  to help with the clean up. Litter was  picked, verges mowed, plants sowed, and, significantly, much of the drystone wall was tidied up. We hope to revisit  soon and  do the rest of the wall, preferably in time for the scarecrow festival. Thanks must also be extended to our  generous sponsor, Arco of Lower Darwen, who  supplied litter pickers, high-vis jackets, rubbish sacks and  gloves. You  can see pictures of our efforts on the"events" page.

Scarecrow Festival

ERN Scarecrow festival entry forms have now been circulated. Get  your entry in ASAP or come to  the next  residents' meeting  27th  May. A Scarecrow sub committee meeting will take place on Tuesday 18th May 2010 at 7pm in the Red Lion, Blacksnape.

The  Morecambe Bay Walk on  8th  May. was aa great  success. We   will probably  do it  agian next year. Pictures  can be viewed on the  Blacksnape Facebook page, or  on this website

We all enjoyed the walk to Belthorn on Sunday April 11th.

Sorry  to those who turned up to the postponed walk on Good  Friday. The walk was cancelled at the March 24th  meeting  but the minutes were not posted until April 1st. Apparently some people turned up and walked anyway  and enjoyed it. Some non- Blacksnape residents also attended  and expressed  an interest in joining us on the next one

Date of next meeting: 7th July 2010, Red Lion, 7.30 PM

                              BOVRIL GREAT OUTDOORS CAMPAIGN                                                    

We are through to  the last 100, but  need your support  to ensure our  project  gets chosen. Please  click on the  link  below, and encourage your friends and  family to  do  so  too. 

Link to our project on the Bovril site

Newspaper article about Blacksnape from 1914 now available to view



Pictures from December 2009 walk to Crown & Thistle now on Events Page


Pictures from December2009 Christmas meal & Carols now on Events Page

Pictures from October 2009 walk now on Events Page

Traffic Update 27th Oct 09
Claire Waterhouse Casualty Reduction Manager of Capita is aware that the speed sign was brought down in the high winds at the weekend. She has arranged for repair / replacement as soon as possible.
She has been invited to address a future village meeting but has so  far not responded.
Phil Hambley, the Community Beat Manager, has agreed to address the next meeting on the subject of traffic issues and requests that we give him notice of  the questions we would like answered so he can prepare some answers before he comes.

Neighbourhood Watch Update 25th Oct 09
Carol Hendy sent the following  email:
I read the minutes of your last meeting with interest and you seem a very active group, so Neighbourhood Watch would fit in very nicely.
Just to give you an up-date on returns already received:   24 returns in total, just one of which is not in favour of a scheme. Out of the positive replies, 9 people have also offered to be contacts within the scheme. A good start and I look forward to receiving some more positive responses.

So we just need 7 more positive replies

Updates 24th Oct 2009

Extracts from email/responses from Dawn Robinson-Walsh to Claire Waterhouse.

1. The appalling state of the roads between Blacksnape and Edgworth – it is awash with potholes, bits of stone wall debris, and general disrepair. Indeed, I hit a pot hole last night driving home from work in the dark and sustained damage to my wheel and a puncture. This is the second time that damage to my wheel has happened on that stretch as potholes fill with water and are hard to see.
(not in the email but an issue: dry stone walls on the road are also a problem especially on the narrow part on the way to Moorview).
2.           Traffic calming - Claire’s reply: The budget I have is to address personal injury casualties, it is a very limited amount to cover the whole Borough, and I have to justify the interventions to the Department of transport, to do this we have to calculate the cost of the collisions that have occurred and compare that to the cost of the scheme and then to the number of accidents that intervention is likely to save.  We also have to put any proposed scheme through a prioritisation scheme which gives weightings to particular types of accidents ie child.  In a twelve month period we have the money to be able to carry out about 12 small schemes, usually a small section of road, which is very little for the whole Borough, hence why we have to justify everything we implement.
2. I think others have mentioned that the interactive speed sign is in the wrong place and needs to be facing the other way as people tend to speed down into the village rather more than up into it. The message on it also hasn’t changed although your predecessor did explain that this can be done at the click of a computer mouse. We did wonder at the recent meeting about the provision of a couple of zebra crossings so children have safer places to cross the road, but I think Martyn Skipper will be inviting you to the next meeting to discuss the traffic issue further. There is a criteria (sic) for the placing of interactive signs, and Peter Van Eijsden will have looked at the traffic flows and accidents for this stretch of road, then decided on the best location, there are also other things to take into consideration such as parked vehicles, electricity supply and easy connection.  The message currently can’t be changed as we are waiting for the software to be installed, as this wasn’t completed before Peter Van Eijsden left.  I will look through the information he left to see if I can discover why it was put in its current location.

East Rural Walks

Traffic Update 26th Sept 09

There follows a copy of an email from Cllr Julie Slater to a resident's request

Here are some responses from the council regarding your issues raised.

As a safety camera site, we are permitted to implement a blue sign incorporating a 30mph roundel and safety camera symbol. We will investigate if there is a suitable location to site such a sign.

The shrubs and grass have been reported.

Blacksnape  please drive carefully signs’ with 30mph roundel were introduced at the south of the village last Summer so we wouldn’t look to replace these so soon.  I will ask an engineer to visit the site to investigate if similar signing can be incorporated at the north of the village. Artwork is only prescribed with 20mph zones and not applicable to the signs requested.  However the East Rural Network will look at  having signs designed by the children for the area. You are very welcome as a resident to attend these meetings. Please let me know if you are interested and I will give you date and time of next meeting.

Claire Waterhouse of Casualty Reduction responds as follows:-  The interactives cost approx £6k plus poles and installation, then there is the maintenance as well.  As you know the programme for this year has been finalised and there is no additional monies available.  As stated in the email the village already has one interactive and a mobile speed enforcement camera. I have asked as the road is narrow that they just change it around to the other direction for a while and alter the writing on it with another slogan or something so it does not cost anything.

Potholes have been reported from Blacksnape to the Crown and thistle pub

Just so you know Peter is no longer with the council it is Claire Waterhouse.

I hope this lets you know where i am at the moment.

Cllr Julie Slater

Neighbourhood Watch update, 23rd Sept 09

A broad level of enthusiasm was voiced at the last meeting for the instigation of a Neigbourhood Watch  scheme. Initial investigations suggest that a number of requirements need to be met, including a majority  concensus in support of the scheme, and some funds to pay for communications material.

Here is an annotated  transcript  of a conversation between Martyn Skipper and  PC Hambley of the PCSO team:

Spoke with PC Phil Hambley 22nd Sept 09
Phil again offered his support
Noted that in general the PCSO team cannot make meetings onTuesdays. Wednesdays or Thursdays are generally better, and someone should be available.
He has asked the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator to contact me (as she is usually difficult to get hold of). Her name is Carol Hendey.
Phil noted:
 Neighbourhood Watch schemes require  60% of  residents to consent in order to proceed
 Metal signs for, e.g. lamposts can be supplied but will cost us, the residents
 Window stickers are, he believes, free from Carol.
I will report back  when I hear more



Blacksnape Residents' Group Meeting 20th Oct 09

Proposed Agenda

Traffic Calming- the next steps

Neighbourhood Watch

Future events: Bonfire, Carols

Please email us any other proposed items for discussion


Congratulations to Dawn who has  just  received her umpteenth degree, this time a BA(Hons) 1st class in Literature. She  graduates at the Bridgewater hall on 12th Sept.

For Sale
Due to a double booking; 2 good rinkside tickets for sale for Disney on Ice, Princess Wishes, for Oct 4th at 11am, at the MEN Arena.  For details contact dawn@blacksnape.co.uk or call 772491

 Our preferred method of communication will be via this site. Please let us know if you do not have internet acccess and would prefer paper communication. We will try to post news both at the Red Lion and on the village noticeboard at the edge of  the Playing Fields.

The Skipper girls have produced a newsletter. You can download a PDF copy here

 The first newsletter from 2006 can be viewed here





THE East Rural Network (ERN) has produced a booklet of walks in the area. Copies are available at various locations in the community, such as the Red Lion, Hoddlesden Post Office and Moorview Equestrian Centre. Alternatively you can download as a pdf here. (Note from webmaster; the descriptions / directions are a little ideosynchratic and rely somewhat on local knowledge. It would be a good idea to augment the booklet with a local OS map  before setting off if you are unfamiliar with the area)