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Village Clean Up 4th June 2017

The  Village clean up was attended by over 20 residents and was a great success. It will be repeated

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Red Lion "Asset of Community Value"

Blacksnape 6th Aug 2013

Historic Pub Declared “Asset of Community Value”

Following a petition by the requisite 21 residents, the Red Lion on Blacksnape Road, Blacksnape has been included on BwD Council’s Register of Assets of Community Value.

Under section 88 of the 2011 Localism Act residents are entitled to make a nomination to the Council to have certain assets listed as being of value to the community.

The 200 year old pub had been the centre of community activity until it was closed and sold by the Marston Brewery and pubco to a private buyer, citing lack of viability as a business.

Martyn Skipper, Chair of Blacksnape Residents’ Group noted; “The brewery has been systematically running the Red Lion down for a number of years. Having allowed the pub to fall into disrepair inside and out, installing a series of temporary managers, and not having offered food for a long time, it was inevitable that the viability of the business would be called into question. It would not surprise us if this was part of a plan.”

In their written judgement, BwD noted the regular use of the pub by many and diverse community groups, including the Residents’ Group. They also recognised the fact that the pub was up for sale for a short period of time and therefore in their judgement insufficient effort was made to establish viability or otherwise.

Commented Skipper: “We are delighted that BwD recognises the importance of pubs in general, and The Red Lion in particular to the life of rural communities.” He added: “The new owner has up to now failed to respond to overtures from the residents for discussion. In her objection to the Council’s judgement she indicates an intention to apply for planning permission for change of use. It is clear from the adopted BwD Borough Local Plan, saved Policy RA15, that this would not be supported by Planning, and we would certainly object to any such request. Conversely if the owner showed any intention to reopen the Red Lion as a public house we would give her our support, even though up to now she has shown no desire to engage with the community into which she has moved.”

East Lancs Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Campaigns Manager, Mike Kershaw, added; “It's tremendous news to hear that the only pub in Blacksnape has been given ACV status by BwD Council. We commend BwD Council for realising the vital importance of this pub to the life of the community. We believe that someone with drive and initiative could greatly develop the Red Lion especially as a pub with dining facilities. We would urge other pubgoers to realise that there may be a real threat to their local and to act now and nominate it as an ACV.“

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